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Japs Bomb USA

Here is a Post-War silent film production regarding WII.  The film is based around Japan's role causing the USA to take action.

Runtime:  9:34

There are text prompts through the film which have been transcribed below:

U.S. Troops on the Alert!
A two-man Jap submarine is captured!
"I ask that Congress declare a state of war between the United States and the Japanese Empire!" -President Roosevelt
The youth of America responds!
At vulnerable centers, protective walls are erected!
America's submarine fleet gets under way!
Enemy U-Boats like this must be conquered!
U.S. Pacific Fleet seeks the Enemy!
"We will win this war...and we will win the peace that follows!" --President Roosevelt

There is a flyby of US War Plans at the end of the film in the "U S A" formation.

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