At the heart of all good theater is a great story. And "Ponder Anew: A WWII Warrior's Story" certainly fits that description — thanks to the considerable talents of esteemed artists (and husband-and-wife team) Robert Kiefer and Carol Ponder.

An engaging example of reader's theater, the play is based on the memoir of Ponder's father, Lt. Herschel D. Ponder, a fighter pilot who flew P-47 Thunderbolts in Europe. As part of the 510th Fighter Squadron of the 405th Fighter Group, Ponder provided close air support to troops at the front, often seeking out "targets of opportunity" behind enemy lines.

P-47 Pilot Lt. Robert Griffiths joined the 510th Fighter Squadron in August of 1944. He flew his first missions helping pave the way for US troops to gain ground in Europe. By the time he was flying, the Luftwaffe was virtually wiped out. He longed for air to air combat, but it didn't look like he was going to see much.

Gregory PONS of France has sent us a copy of Capt. Peter Harrings photo album.  Great images of lots of Maintenance Folks supporting the war effort!

We are always looking for help in identifying Buzzards in Uniform, so if you recognize anyone, let us know!

Lt. John Drummond's photo collection was recently added to the 510th Fighter Squadron Gallery.  The collection contains 180 photos of Lt. Drummond's time in the Military to include with the 510th Fighter Squadron.

Lt. Drummond was captured by the German Army when his P-47 named "Raid Hot Mama" was shot down.  He was taken to the Stalag Luft I camp where he remained for the rest of the war.

The Clark Elmo Bremseth photo collection has been posted to the website under Photo Archive.  There are 143 images together, and his Daily flight log which will be added later.

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