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Incirlik AB receives F-16 forces in support of OIR

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The U.S. Air Force deployed six F-16 Fighting Falcons from Aviano Air Base, Italy, support equipment and approximately 300 personnel to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey in support of Operation Inherent Resolve Aug. 9, 2015. This follows Turkey’s decision to host the deployment of U.S. aircraft conducting counter-ISIL  operations. The U.S. and Turkey, as members of the 60-plus nation coalition, are committed to the fight against ISIL in pursuit of peace and stability in the region.

“With Turkey’s decision to open bases for the deployment of U.S. aircraft conducting counter-ISIL operations, the coalition now has another strategic location from which it can conduct strikes if and when necessary,” Air Force Col. Pat Ryder said during an earlier Aug. 7 teleconference with reporters.

The U.S. and Turkey are members of a 60-plus nation coalition committed to the fight against ISIL, but until recently Turkey would not allow coalition aircraft to operate from its bases. Months of negotiation went into the decision by Turkey to allow operations from Turkish soil, but a recent suicide bombing by ISIL in the Turkish border town of Suruc seems to have been a major motivation for the change. Suruc is just across the border from the Syrian town of Kobane, which Syrian Kurds retook from ISIL forces and then held against vicious counterattacks early this year.

Each F-16 arrived armed with JDAMs, LGBs, AIM-9Xs, and AMRAAMs.

As of July 31, 2015, the total cost of operations related to ISIL since kinetic operations started on Aug. 8, 2014, is $3.5 billion and the average daily cost is $9.8 million for 357 days of operations. A further breakdown of cost associated with the operations is here.

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